Saturday, May 19, 2007

Nightmare on 30th Street

The college neighborhood I've lived in for the last four years always has something interesting going on - abrasive drunk college dudes, furniture bonfires in the alley, Mr. Lee the little old Korean man who sits on the corner scratching used lottery tickets, muggings, abrasive drunk college dudes - yes sir, the real estate here is truly top notch. But come summer break, most of my neighbors leave (usually for Cancun or their vacation home in the Hamptons), and the street significantly quiets down.

Last night, however, was an event to write home about. Well, maybe not home, but in this blog at least. While standing in my driveway, I was suddenly gifted the experience of a naked man running past my front lawn and down the street. 30 seconds later, Naked Man ran by in the other direction.

And though I have to give the man credit for going out in his nakey-nothin's (not even shoes!) on such a chilly evening, I want to implore the neighbors to please keep it in the pants. Thanks.


  1. For once, I was glad to read a post without pictures ;)

  2. Hehehe . . . ah, there are some advantages to living in the middle of nowhere. Anyone who wants to run past naked is going to be running for quite a ways.