Friday, June 22, 2007

Garden Update - Fun With Tomatoes and Herbs

Here's my little garden, looking significantly better than a week ago!

I amended the soil with fertilizer and a few bags of good soil, planted the plants, watered them, and spread mulch over the ground. I'm really excited about the plants I chose, particularly the tomatoes and basil. After spending all afternoon in the garden, I came to a conclusion that gardening is not for wimps. I have blisters, an open gash on my elbow, cuts on my knees, and aches in muscles I didn't know existed. But the result is the beginnings of a garden that will hopefully take root and thrive. Now comes the maintenance part.

Thanks to Trihardist, Tubetone and others for your gardening encouragements and advice. I would love the continued input from readers. It'll be like an online community garden! Also, I'm on the lookout for some good gardening-for-beginners type websites and books (there are like 4 bazillion out there, and I'm completely overwhelmed!), so send over your recommendations. Anything for the amateur, low-maintenance, small area gardener would be marvelous.


  1. my one bit of advice: protect the basil! because it's so fragrant, ants and other little bugs love to come and eat it all up. i think there's something you can spray on it that deters should google that. i remember it smelling so good, and walking out to add it to my pasta only to find all the leaves half eaten.

  2. Wow, a big thyme garden!

  3. what about the mint plant so you can make mojitos?