Friday, June 29, 2007

Who Let That Chick Get a License?

Everyone has their summer projects. You know, that thing that's been on your To Do list for months, continuously getting bumped for the more urgent things, such as watching that crazy lady judge on So You Think You Can Dance whoop and holler at the contestants like a banshee. Some people need to clean out their garage. Others, like my next door neighbors, need to buy a cage for their pet chicken before I can catch it and cook it for Sunday dinner. I need to learn how to drive stick.

I've been essentially car-less since last summer, when my little 1986 Honda Accord broke down. Our other car (the one Steve had before we got married) is a manual, and I've just been too busy (and a little intimidated) to learn how to drive it. Anyway, I finally decided to bite the bullet. I am tired of not being able to drive myself anywhere. It's like Driving Miss Daisy (...except I'm not an old white lady, and I really have no clue what that movie was actually about). My friend Candiss has graciously volunteered to teach me, which is an act of bravery, given my almost total lack of coordination skills.

Today I had my first lesson in the Los Angeles Coliseum parking lot. It was surprisingly fun. Next step: drive on actual roads with actual other drivers. Wish me luck, folks.


  1. You have bigger balls than me!!! Sam has a stick and I have NO desire to learn how to drive it in LA. It's horrid stop and go traffic just doesn't seem conducive to shifting.

    Congrats and best of luck!!!

  2. Reminds me of when Jenny was learning to drive stick. That was terrifying. Hope it goes more smoothly for you.

  3. Good Luck! I heard that driving stick is more fun.... I have a VW Beetle and apparently driving stick is much more exciting on my car