Friday, August 24, 2007

The Basil Obsession

Cherry tomatoes from the garden!

I finally got a chance to tend to the garden today after a few weeks of mucho other things to do. I have been harvesting some of the tomatoes, which are delicious! I've also been trying my hand at container gardening. I sowed some seeds (dill, chives, parsley and basil) in small pots, and also potted some rosemary and basil to keep on the front porch.

Speaking of gardening, last week I had an anxiety dream about my basil. Which is quite ironic, since one of my primary reasons for taking up gardening was to welcome more peace into my life. Anyway, sometimes when I'm anxious about something, I'll have recurring dreams about things like people chasing me, or my teeth falling out (I know, that one is weird...but a friend told me she has the EXACT same dream, so there you go).

In this most recent dream, my basil was withering, and there was nothing I could do to stop it from dying. And then I woke up, and couldn't go back to sleep because I was so stressed out. I would have checked on the basil to calm my worries, but it was 3:00am and pitch black outside, and frankly, that would have solidified my arrival into Crazyland.

Yes, I know the dream is probably a metaphor for all kinds of things going on inside my little self. And yes, I know I should probably go see someone about this.


  1. i love your tomatoes. i want to taste them. :) and about your basil dreams. we should swap dreams sometime. i could top yours. hee hee... here's to more rest, more peace in our lives.

  2. I've had the teeth fallng out dream on several occassions and the other day my neighbor said she does, too. If you like a cherry tomato that tastes like candy, try a Sunsugar. I have that and a Roma plant this summer.

  3. I want to eat those tomatoes right now! I hope your Basil plant is ok now... I hope you're feeling less anxious too. You're very loved.

  4. funny thing because Steve told me that you were 50/50 on if it was true or not! Maybe that made him feel better about himself...heheeh.