Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sweet Home California

I miss you, good night's sleep.

I'm back from Europe!

We got home three days ago, and the jet lag has been bad. I keep waking up in a very sudden and alert way at 5:30am in the morning, and cannot fall back asleep. The upside to the jet lag is that I have had some very productive mornings. Also, according to Sleep Channel, jet lag symptoms not only include insomnia, but irritability and decreased awareness as well. Finally, something I can blame those on.

While I was away, the world carried on without me (imagine that!), and I came back to a few new developments. Since it is 7:30 in the morning and my brain is limited in its capacity to weave paragraphs into a cohesive post, here they are in bullet points.
  • Plumbing problems. We arrived home to discover that our shower drain had decided to stop working. When the plumber arrived and examined the issue, he found about five other things wrong with the pipes and shower infrastructure. Fantastic.
  • Shifting family. In a few short days, my brother Stuart is moving from Los Angeles to Vancouver, Canada to attend film school. This has been his dream for a while, and I just know he's going to love it. While I am excited for him, I will miss having him only a 5-minute drive away. Bye, Stu! I send you with lots of love.
  • New artist in the blog world. You may remember my Great Coloring Book Giveaway and Renee Coates, my dear friend who is rocking it in the art realm. She recently began an amazing, innovative blog called 52 Pieces to share her work. Every week she posts a new original 6" x 6" painting that can be purchased for a very affordable price. Go check out her current cow series!


  1. Welcome back Larissa...

    I love Katy Renee's art website! Very impressive stuff...

    I'm on Maui and I am appreciating the comical faces of the cows in the pasture next door...

    I need to get back to blogging one of these days.

  2. While I was gone, my 12 year old dog freaked out during a thunder storm and bit the braided piping between the wall and toilet upstairs. Water flooded to the main level and basement. I came home to a gutted master bath, furniture shoved into odd places, wall-to-wall carpet pulled up with pad torn out. Thanks to State Farm, we'll get it all replaced, but what a major hassle! I think I win.

  3. Welcome back home--good luck getting past that homecoming craziness!

  4. Welcome back!! Good luck getting over the jet lag!

  5. welcome back!

    can't wait to hear more about the trip. and hopefully your plumbing stuff isn't too bad, nothing says welcome back to reality like plumbing problems, haha.

  6. Welcome back! Boo to the plumbing problems. But I'm looking forward to more posts from you!!!! Perhaps some recipes inspired by your trip?! ;)

  7. welcome back!

    yeah jetlag is definitely not fun. whenever I travel, it takes me at least 2 days to adjust. hope you get over it soon! :)

  8. welcome back - looks liek you had an awesome time in europe from your other posts. your friend's art is beautiful!

  9. Welcome home! Hope you're back on schedule now. I went through the same thing when we got back from Europe but I kind of liked getting up early and getting things done :)

  10. You're finally back! Well welcome home, dear!