Friday, November 14, 2008

52 Pieces Great Calendar Giveaway

The holiday season is coming up, and soon it will be 2009! Can you believe it?!

Just in time for
the new year, my friend and brilliant artist Renee Coates is currently offering 25 free 2009 calendars through her website 52 Pieces - and you have the chance to win one!

52 Pieces auctions a weekly original painting by Renee, and the 2009 desktop calendar features 13 of the most popular weekly paintings to date.
Here's how the giveaway works:
  • 52 Pieces has a free subscription service that allows people to get each week's painting deliverered to their email inbox. Subscribers are the first to see the paintings when they are posted, and never miss out on the latest artwork!
  • All you need to do to enter the giveaway contest is visit 52 Pieces, enter your email address in the upper right hand box to subscribe to the weekly paintings, and confirm your subscription.
  • On Saturday, November 22nd at 11:52pm (EST), 52 Pieces will hold a drawing from a list of new subscribers and send 25 people a free calendar.
It's a great opportunity to kick off 2009 with a free calendar of gorgeous artwork by Renee Coates!


  1. Thanks so much! I'm so happy to be teaming up with Larissa for the giveaway... Good luck to everyone!

  2. love the Hawaiian women...what is up for December?

  3. Instead of the same theme for the entire month of December, I'm thinking of doing a surprise theme each week... just like the unknown gifts of the holiday season. So you'll have to be patient! :-)

  4. Ive used Renee Coates work for both my gcse and a-level fine art course in college. This is one of my favorites!