Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Ate Too Much Halloween Candy

Beach Dude & Pillsbury Doughboy

We had our annual Halloween party last night. Check out pictures here.

Halloween sneaked upon Steve and me this year, causing us to create some last minute costumes. Even so, I thought my costume was pretty good. Do you like my chef's hat? I made it from an old white skirt.

Unlike last year, we were well-stocked with candy this Halloween. Which was good, since we got more trick-or-treaters than in past years.

One tiny kid showed up to the door wearing jeans, a raggedy white tank top, grease paint on his face, and smoking a fake cigarette.

Me: Hi. What are you supposed to be?
Kid: (with cigarette hanging from the side of his mouth) A tiger.

I decided not to ask questions, and just give him the candy.


  1. haha a tiger...probably the least expected answer ever! And cute costume - love the chef's hat!

  2. I love what you did with the chef's hat! Y'all are really cute!

    And that costume? I would have thought a Jet or something. But a tiger? Hmm.

  3. You guys looks so cool!! ;) LOVE it!

  4. I love your doughboy costume. So creative!

    And that Tiger kid? Ugh. I hate how kids aren't creative nowadays!

  5. He probably wanted to be a tiger, but a parent made him be ... something else?

    I love your costume. Too cute!

  6. You two look adorable! Love the costumes...

  7. Verr nice hat ... you look great.

    Steve's costume reminds me of one guy at our church-sponsored event ... he came as a diver, and his baby was dressed as a little lobster.

    Tigers ... and Crips?

  8. i tiger? haha. ummm wow. and love the costumes, you guys are so cute.

  9. I'm scared of that kid just from hearing his description! You too look great, though!