Thursday, August 6, 2009

Music to My Ears

Do you know what the most wonderful, magical sound in the world is? This:



  1. um he is precious. so dang cute. and love that onesie. i will have to get one for my future bebe for sure :)

  2. oh, sweet moses! your child is SO adorable!! that laugh kills me... isn't it the best??!

    And you look dang good and skinny, lady!

  3. AWWW I wanna play with his nose and tiny feet. So cute.

  4. It has always cracked me up how we fall to pieces when our children laugh. I always thought it was the best thing I had ever heard! It is truly music to our ears! God did a great thing when He made child's laughter. Your baby is so precious and adorable, great video.