Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rock the vote: Fall Edition

Time for another chance to Rock the Vote here, where I call upon you readers to help me make some important life decisions. The first Rock the Vote back in July was a big success as many of you took a stance and made your voice heard regarding some of my weekend plans.

With the weather a-changin' and the holidays upon us, a few decisions are in order. Help a girl out and vote, wouldya?

Decision #1
I am going to a few Halloween parties this week, and need to come up with a costume. The key factor is that I would like to be resourceful and creative, and use clothes and accessories I already own. Specifically, I want to incorporate a pair of round, black glasses I recently found at a costume shop.

Should I be Marcie from the
Peanuts comics...

...or Waldo from Where's Waldo? (Wally, for you Brits)?

Decision #2
I want to buy some boots. Rarely do I spend much on shoes, but I have been wanting a pair of boots for ages. And with a bit of cash saved up, I am finally ready to commit. Boots are calling out to me! Most of the boots I have been eying are flat and brown, the kind that can be worn with just about anything.

Should I buy these suede buckle boots...

...or these slouchy shafted boots?

Decision #3
I am planning a dinner party with some girlfriends. A group of us gather every few months for a themed dinner. Previous dinners have been centered around a particular cuisine, like Italian food, for instance. But it would be fun to have a broader theme that could influence not just the food, but the activities and ambiance as well. I am thinking of some sort of girly theme.

Should our next dinner theme be Slumber Party (with pajamas, manicures, popcorn and romantic comedy flicks)...

...or Ladies' Poker Night (Martinis! Texas Hold 'Em!)?

Okay, vote away! Cast your votes in the comments. And yes, photos of Halloween costume will be posted.


  1. marcie, slouchy and hold 'em.

  2. i vote:

    buckle boots
    slumber party


  3. marcie - cos she's cute
    buckle boots - cos they're cute
    slumber party - cos it's cute

  4. Marcie; buckle boots; slumber party.
    - Joe

  5. Marcie -that would be so cute
    Slouchy - love the color
    Slumber Party - I'm a sucker for romantic comedies

  6. marcie, buckle, slumber party!

  7. marcie, buckled boots and poker party of course. How fabulous!:)

  8. waldo, buckle, and slumber party!

  9. marcie, slouchy boots, and poker party!

  10. oh so many fun options.

    i say marcie, the slouchy gray boots and slumber party night! woo! have fun with all of them.

  11. I picked 'A' in every category: Marcie (nerd/chic/girly), Buckle (I like the roundy-er toe and darker shade), and, of course, Slumber party (remember all the awesome ones we had in middle school?)

  12. Waldo, slouchy, poker night. Let us know!

  13. Marcie, neither (sorry, I'm a sucker for leather cowboy or riding boots) and poker (followed by a slumber party).

  14. 1) Marcie: It totally goes with your new haircut!

    2) I actually have the buckle boots. Not sure if they are the exactly same ones, but it looks just like the picture. Where are you getting yours? I got my pair for $20! I definitely like the style of the buckle boots better than the slouch boots, but there are a few cons (at least for my pair). They are not waterproof, so my socks get wet on rainy days. Also, the suede is hard to clean. And the bottoms are hard and not cushion at all. But maybe the one in the picture is different from mine?

    3) Poker night: It's different from the stereotypical girls' hang out night. Plus, you can always watch a movie with Steve. It's not so often you have a group of girls to play poker with! :)

  15. I vote for the slouchy boots! More versatile, won't ever clash with jewelry, and I think they would look good on your legs.

  16. waldo, buckle, poker

  17. Marcie - Haven't you done Waldo already?
    Slouchy - more sleek
    Slumber Party - Chick flicks rule... I mean, poker is good...

  18. okay, for one... why did only 2 other people vote for waldo? if i recall... this is never overdone. well, you've probably already decided about it because it's Halloween today, but I would pick Waldo.

    i think you should get the slouchy boots. they'll go with anything. the buckles might not.

    and i would pick girlie sleepover. poker, schmoker.

  19. Marcie
    Slumber Party!

  20. 1) Marcie or Waldo will definitely. But Marcie is the girl, so...
    2) The shafted! ♥
    3) Poker! Come on... slumber parties are for tweens.