Monday, October 12, 2009

San Diego Zoo

Hello there, Monday! I need a weekend to recover from the weekend.

We took a little trip down the 405 freeway to San Diego, where we hung out with family, went to the San Diego Zoo, and attended a wedding. Aaron loved the zoo. We walked around the park for almost five hours, and he was wide awake the entire time, all smiles and laughs. I'm not sure if he really noticed the animals, but he sure enjoyed the multitudes of people.

On Maui, where I grew up, there was a tiny zoo. I think the best exhibit it had was a lone giraffe that was housed in a small dirt area with practically no greenery. I now realize that zoo was sort of sad and depressing, but as a young child I really enjoyed it.

Taking Aaron to the zoo this weekend made me excited for all the new experiences he will have in the next few years, and excited to share in his wonderment and joy.


  1. You have a precocious child on your hands Lariss--most babies seem bored at the zoo.

    I remember the ostriches at the Maui zoo. And loving it there!

  2. Oh my gosh, that memory you have of the zoo is so precious ;) Some of my best childhood memories are zoo related--glad you're building those great memories with your own family now!

  3. Ohhhh your babyyyyy! Please, please, please can he just sleep over at my house for a weekend? SOOO CUTEEEEE.

  4. Zoos are fun! I barely remember the Maui Zoo... I just remember it existed.

  5. aww yay for the zoo! i love the zoo, especially san diego, so much fun! and yay baby aaron, seriously that kid is adorable.