Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More Verbs

I'm currently...

wishing: someone else would eat up the leftover Halloween candy
disliking: the dusty furniture and dirty bathrooms I don't have time to clean
reading: Loving Our Kids On Purpose by Danny Silk and The Host by Stephanie Meyer
missing: the luxury of 8+ hours of uninterrupted sleep
wanting: an immersion blender...maybe it will go on my Christmas wish list
improving: my Scramble score on the iPhone
realizing: I have five different To Do lists that I should consolidate
loving: boots, scarves and Mexican hot chocolate
considering: buying a space heater to compensate for our horribly uninsulated house
watching: Top Chef and wondering why Robin is still around
regretting: staying up so late to blog
hoping: that I can make a successful roasted turkey for Thanksgiving

What are you currently doing?


  1. Immersion blenders are THE WAY to make baby food. I found this out a bit late. I was using a regular blender for a few months which turned out to be much more work. I don't have a food processor so I can't compare with that.

  2. I would love to take some of those uneaten halloween candies LOL

  3. nephews and nieces are probably still eating all of their candy. They had so many!

  4. Hmm... no kids to eat the leftover Halloween candies? Or do you not want the kids to have it? Haha!
    I wish I also know how to cook turkey... :(