Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Take a Deep Breath

Can we really only be twelve days into 2010? This year has already been a whirlwind, and I am in desperate need of a extended vacation. Or at least a good massage.

Last week, which started like any other normal week, was turned upside down with an onslaught of unexpected events. There was a medical scare in our family which involved a phone call to 911, a trip to the emergency room, and neurological tests. Oh, and some of our belongings happened to catch on fire in a friend's car. Oh, and Aaron entered into the crawling and standing phase of life, necessitating baby proofing the house and more parental supervision.

Thankfully, everything is fine now. The medical scare turned out to be nothing serious, as far as the doctors can determine. We are all healthy, intact, and settling into non-chaotic life. I feel like I can finally breathe (as opposed to hyperventilate with anxiety), and get normal amounts of sleep.

It's a strange thing to experience moments of crisis. You start to question what is truly certain in life. My answer, based on this past week: not much. Hardly anything at all is a guarantee. Not my family's health, nor our home, nor our finances, nor our jobs. Any of those things can change or disappear completely in an instant.

So what is one supposed to do amidst all of life's uncertainty? Simply be grateful and not take anything for granted, I suppose.


  1. I'm glad you made it through the week... you are right, nothing is certain. That's why it's very important to always eat dessert! :-)

  2. Sounds like a really hectic week! Wow. I'm glad it wasn't anything serious though.

  3. I'm grateful to hear things are returning to a happy normal for you.

    Life is certainly full of surprises. I think the good part is that more are welcome than scary (generally).

    I'm finally getting the hang of 2010. It takes a few weeks for sure.

  4. You know, I thought I saw you over the weekend at the Americana. But I shook that off to being distracted by all teens swarming around me.

    But yes, I'm glad everything is ok. Sounds like you'll be busier with Aaron at the explorative age. Hope everything stays well and I'll keep sending positive thoughts your way.

    It's times like this that I take solace in the fact that yes, it is scary that nothing is ever sure, but it's also a beautiful thought that pulls people together.

  5. Sometimes, life gets to be so scary, and when it rains, it definitely pours. It's times like those when you count your blessings.

    I'm so happy that everything is OK and everyone is OK, too.

  6. Wow! That's what I call an eventful life! :D