Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today I Am Grateful For...

...oatmeal for breakfast

...waking to my son saying, "Mommy, play!" (though, this would be more welcomed an hour or so later)

...lifelong friendships with loyal, wise, fun women

...homemade honey butter slathered onto a fresh biscuit

...a supervisor who cares about my personal well-being as well as my work

...my favorite neighborhood hairdresser, Adianna, who always cuts my hair exactly how I want it

...our newly painted turquoise bathroom

...watching my husband roughhouse with our sons, as all fathers and sons ought

...a new issue of bon appetit magazine in the mail

...sprouting herbs in the garden

...nail polish, fancy earrings, and other things that make me feel pretty

...hearing my son say his nightly prayer, "Dear Jesus, fank you for mommy. Fank you for Daddy."

...lounging with my husband on a cool summer evening, chatting about our day


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