Thursday, June 4, 2015

Things I Just Don't Get

I have an ongoing list of Things I Just Don't Get. Everything on the list basically makes me go, "Huh?" or "Seriously, what?" Here are some of those things:
  • When people call a deceased person an "angel in heaven" 
  • Zombies
  • Tennis
  • People who complain but don't change
  • Girls who make that fish-face pose in pictures
  • Monty Python
  • People with drawn eyebrows
  • Fox News
  • The Elf on the Shelf Christmas fad
  • When anyone begins a sentence with, "No offense, but..."
  • Crocs shoes


  1. I love your list and agree on every item except tennis. And in addition to the pucker pose, my list would include the "Say Aaaah!" (mouth wide open, like you've been startled) pose...