Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Costumes

We take Halloween pretty seriously in our family. An excuse to dress up in costume and procure free candy? Yes, please. This year we have a theme for the whole family. Photo to be posted after Halloween. Until then, here are some throwbacks from past years.

 Surfer Dude & Pillsbury Doughboy

 Upside Down Guy & Chinese Lucky Cat

 Monk, uh...Creepy Guy(?) & Marcy from the Peanuts

 Russell (holding Dug), Kevin & Carl from Up

 Cat in the Hat (my dad), Ladybug, Court Jester (my mom) & Hula Girl.
I was too lazy to dress up.

 Sully & Boo from Monster's Inc.

Olaf & Batman

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  1. I mean, you guys win Halloween. Can't wait to see what the five of you will be rocking this year!