Thursday, March 10, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday, Aria

Dear Aria,

Happy birthday, sweet daughter!

My heart cannot handle the reality that you're turning one. You have been here for a whole year, and what a year it has been. Last year you arrived a little past your due date, and were heartily welcomed by our family.

With your grand entrance as the third child, our family life got more topsy-turvy. Now the kids outnumber the parents, and it's wild and fun and messy. You often make loud noises and yells, seeming to simply want to be noticed. Don't worry, we see you!

This past year is filled with lots of memories with you. You went from barely sleeping (ugh!) to sleeping through the night (hooray!). You traveled to California, took your first plane ride in first class, got dedicated at church, tried and loved most new foods, got your first four teeth, and are almost walking.

You love dancing to music, laughing with your siblings, putting everything into your mouth, saying "Dada" and "uh-oh," eating food samples at Costco, splashing in the ocean, being tossed into the air by Dad, taking baths, and tearing up paper.

We celebrated your first birthday with all of your grandparents and a lunch party. You blew out a candle and got a bowl of ice cream, which you loved until you experienced your first brain freeze. Then you cried and screamed.

May your next year of life bring lots of wonder and joy.

I'm so grateful that you are in our lives. I love, love, love you.

Your Mama


  1. What a joy she has brought to us. We enjoyed being there for her 1st birthday party. We love you, Aria! May God bring you many blessings in your life!
    Love, Grandma

  2. Aw happy belated birthday sweet Aria!