Hi, I'm Larissa.

The Larissa Monologues was born in March 2007, and is my place to share my life and reflections, cultivate my personal creativity, and include you in my cooking endeavors.

I live in Honolulu, Hawaii with my husband Steve and our three kids, Aaron, Alexandra, and Aria. I am a spiritual director and the creator of Spiritual Journey. I am also Director of Spiritual Formation at Bluewater Mission Church.

Previously, I served as a college minister for 11 years with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, worked at a children's mental health clinic, and helped plant a church.

My life is built on abiding in Jesus, and living a fruitful life. My other loves and passions include: baking granola and bread, DIY projects, drinking Old Vine Zinfandel, decluttering my life, helping people nurture the health of their soul, and creating beautiful things.

Are you interested in going deeper in your own spiritual journey? Visit Spiritual Journey, and learn more.

You can also find me at 100 Days of Memoirs, where I wrote a short memoir every day for 100 days.

Contact me at larissamonologues@gmail.com