Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Final Thoughts on the Master Cleanse

Originally, I chose to do the Cleanse primarily because I am actively growing in making better choices about my body, it's health, and the food I put into it. I felt like the Cleanse sounded like a good step towards general health consciousness. Since this is a more long-term result, it remains to be seen. I have to say, though, I am suddenly very motivated to find healthier recipes to try out in the kitchen. I went to, where there's a fantastic section on "Healthy Living," with all sorts of tips and recipes.

I also feel motivated to continue going to the gym regularly. I lost about 12 lbs. during the Cleanse (some water loss, some true weight loss), along with a few inches off my waist and thighs. And even though weight loss wasn't the main motivation of doing the Cleanse, I would like to continue getting into better shape.

Another more minor hope was that my chronic headaches (which began quite drastically during my junior year of college) would end, since there are many testimonies of this occurring after the Cleanse. This also remains to be seen.

Plus, the idea of having a cleaner, more efficient colon was intriguing.

All in all, the Master Cleanse was a good experience. It was rough (really rough) at times, and
I doubt I'll become one of those people who Master Cleanse 3-4 times a year, but I am proud that we finished it.

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  1. wow, what an experience! an old boyfriend of mine did that cleanse and he saw burgers all the time!