Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Master Cleanse - Day 10


The final day of the Cleanse has been generally pleasant. Even with a slight headache and sore throat (why haven't those disappeared yet?), I felt pretty energized. That might be due to the fact that normal, post-Cleanse life is near, but whatever. I felt so good I went to the gym. The next few days will be a slow on-ramp into regular eating - with orange juice, vegetable soup, and raw fruits and veggies as our primary meals. We also have the option of drinking more of the lemonade, to which I have to reply, "No thank you very much."

Thanks for all your support and encouraging words, friends! Tomorrow I'll post the end results, along with my final thoughts on the Cleanse experience.

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  1. Just read through your Master Cleanse posts. So what are your conclusions several years later?