Monday, April 16, 2007

The Master Cleanse - Day 9

One more day to go!

This is what marathoners must feel like at mile 25. I wouldn't know because nothing could EVER convince me to have any desire whatsoever to run a marathon. Merely running across the street to the grocery store is taxing.

In fact, last night I began thinking of all sorts of ways to justify ending the Cleanse early. Alas, I have a husband who finishes what he begins, and a measure of pride. So here I am on the second to last day, determined to finish this through.

Today was actually quite nice. I felt pretty good throughout the day, and didn't feel especially hungry or tired. I went out with a friend during lunchtime, and she ordered pizza (wretched pizza - you've been the bane of my Master Cleanse existence), and it honestly wasn't that bad.

With the end in sight, Steve and I are already dreaming up a fancy celebratory meal to whip up when we finish the Cleanse.


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