Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Donut Man Made My Day

I can die happy. I finally had one of The Donut Man's famous (the real sort of famous, not the "famous" found on every billboard that you see while driving on the 5 freeway) strawberry donuts...a doughy glazed, fresh strawberry-filled mountain of deliciousness. At the risk of blasphemy, sometimes people's raves about certain local establishments don't pan out for me (ahem...I'm talking to you, Pink's and In-N-Out). But The Donut Man on Route 66 in Glendora, CA lives up to its reputation. I ate the whole thing in one go, and would have attacked the one on Steve's plate, but he ate his in like 30 seconds.


  1. "not quite" a health nut! (LOL) yummo -they look delicious..

  2. Rebecca, ANYTHING with fruit counts as healthy, no?

  3. OMG I would give anything to live in a town that made those. That looks so good! If I see one more vegan/non-dairy treat at the healthfood store, I will go postal.