Monday, April 30, 2007

When Did I Start Reading Health Magazines?!

It's official. I have quite suddenly gone from bonafide couch potato to one of those "healthy people" that I used to detest. You know the sort - they subscribe to fitness magazines, complain that they haven't visited the gym in two whole days and feel like a cow, and buy strange items like flax seed and arugula at Whole Foods. I used to hate all things related to exercise. I was convinced that people who professed to feel those good endorphins were straight up liars, and laughed at any friend who had the nerve to invite me to go jogging with them. And health food...don't even get me started. Screw the Atkins diet. I needed me some pasta and white rice and bad sugars, and didn't see anything wrong with that.

Then some things changed. Firstly, I married a marathon-runner, and began feeling guilty every Saturday when he was doing his 13-mile training while I was on the couch watching reruns of the World Series of Poker on ESPN and munching on Fritos. Secondly, I glanced at myself in the mirror around Christmas, and had the horrific realization that some time between college and the present day, my stomach had come to resemble one of those bags of lard that you can buy at the CarnicerĂ­a near my house. Thirdly, I began to have a creeping suspicion that if I didn't get at least a little more health conscious at this point in my life, it was not going to bode well for me or my future family in the long run.

So in
January I joined the Lyons Center, the gym on the USC campus where I work. Surprising to everyone, most of all myself, I have consistently gone 3 times a week for the last few months, and am constantly high on the endorphins that I had previously scoffed at. Then my husband and I did the Master Cleanse, which resulted in me losing over 10 lbs. and having a healthier overall diet. Overall, I have been feeling amazing on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And as an added bonus, I can now fit into pants that I used to wear in college.

So here I am, not quite a health nut (and NEVER a vegan, no thankyouverymuch), but closer than before. I'm a changed woman.

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  1. Master cleanse sounds both a little scary and yet exciting...must look into this!