Monday, June 29, 2009

Creative Ways to Store Jewelry

Sometimes I get the irresistible urge to organize. Even from a young age, organizing and cleaning and streamlining were instinctual. In elementary school, I kept my entire box of 64 Crayola crayons strictly in order of colors and shades, and was adamant that anyone who borrowed crayons had to put them back in their correct place (or they would be forever banned from my art supply stash). I may have verged on obsessive compulsive.

While I've loosened up a bit since then, I still get a burst of organization energy from time to time. This week I tackled my jewelry collection, which was in terrible disarray. I had piles of tangled necklaces, earrings and bracelets, stored haphazardly in a plastic desk organizer. The task at hand was clear - I needed a new way to store my jewelry.

The before picture. A big fat mess of jewelry, in need of some serious help.

With a few hours, handy house items, and some resourcefulness, I had an inexpensive way to keep my jewelry organized and readily accessible. Since I'm guessing some of you may have the same problem as I did, I included instructions and photos. Happy organizing!

How to Store Jewelry
Artist canvas
Acrylic paint
Glue (either craft glue or hot glue gun)
Medium-size bowl

Paint canvas desired color, and allow to dry completely.

Cut cardboard to fit inside the canvas frame, and glue onto back of canvas.

Add ribbon and bow to the front to increase cuteness factor.

Push thumbtacks into canvas. Hang necklaces and bracelets from thumbtacks.

Hang earrings from edge of bowl. Non-hanging earrings can be placed inside bowl for easy access.

All done! Next project: makeover the kitchen pantry.


  1. oh my lord you are adorable. and so original and creative and crafty! that's is SUCH a cute idea!

  2. OHMYWORD! This is such a great way to organize jewellry. My drawer is a complete mess and I never seem to be able to get it under control so thanks for this!

  3. I love it! It looks like a Tiffany's box. I'm in dire need of jewelry organization necklaces are currently hanging from a lamp! :)

  4. thank you for sharing this!!! i've actually recently been thinking about how i can organize my jewelry.. i thought of buying a jewelry stand/organizer but it was too expensive, this is definitely a much more cost efficient and creative way to do it! thanks~!

  5. I'm with La Petite Chic--I totally was thinking Tiffany jewelry box, which, of course, is fitting. ;o)


  6. Awesome. If I had any jewelry besides my wedding ring, I'd definitely go this route!

  7. How did you know I was in need of a clever and inexpensive way to store my jewels?

    Hope all is well with you and the little one!

  8. awesome! you are so innovative!

  9. Thank got for creative people like you... I could have made it to 200 and never thought of anything like that!

  10. That's such a great idea - and so cute! I may make one myself this weekend!

  11. I wounder if this works for stud earrings as well, its a great idea! My little girl has sooooooo many earrings and changes them almost with each outfit, so we have alot! This will make thing much nicer to look at then the shopping bags they came in, thank you!